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he Institute Secretariat was formally established in 1998 in order to provide administrative and secretarial support to the Board of Governors, the Council and the President. It is responsible for two major areas of work:

  1. General Administration;
  2. Human Resource Management.

The Institute Secretariat comprises the Institute Secretary, Administrative Officers and Clerical Officers. The Institute Secretary, who is a member of the Senior Management Group of the Institute, is the Head of the Institute Secretariat and reports directly to the President. The basic duties of the Administrative Officer is to assist the Institute Secretary in providing services in the above two areas of work under the assistance of the clerical officers.

The Institute Secretariat perceives its future development in

  1. focusing on Human Resource Management as its major responsibility area;
  2. exploring more opportunities in terms of staffing resources;
  3. ensuring professional training and development on the part of its staff and
  4. streamlining operational procedures to achieve greater efficiency and quality assurance.

We promise to:

  • Respond promptly to the questions, problems and espoused needs of personnel and provide all possible professional advice and assistance in a confidential and helpful manner
  • Conduct the planning and administration of recruitment and selection of staff following quality assurance guidelines in a fair and honest manner and adhering to policy
  • Endeavour to provide for the development of administrative and academic staff in a manner which caters for their needs
  • Provide reliable and efficient administrative and secretarial support to committees

General Administration

  1. Providing administrative and secretarial services to :
    • The Board of Governors
    • The Institute Council
    • The Council Committees
  1. Preparing general correspondence and speeches and editing reports.
  2. Promulgating and Implementing Government Ordinances such as:
    • Disability Discrimination Ordinance
    • Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
    • Sex Discrimination Ordinance
  1. Maintaining a Central Filing System.
  2. Keeping a register of the following:
    • All staff members
    • All committee members of the Board of Governors, the Institute Council and their respective committees
    • All committee members of committees other than those under the Academic Board and Academic Department(s)/Unit
    • All records and regulations of the Institute

Information and External Relations

  1. Managing the collection, storage and distribution of information
  2. Co-ordinating the production of Institute's annual report
  3. Co-ordinating the dissemination of information to internal staff members
  4. Co-ordinating the requisite management information to the Board of Governors, the Institute Council and their respective committees
  5. Maintaining a database of relevant in-coming and out-going information

Human Resource Management

  1. Handling staff recruitment and appointments
  2. Conducting review of staff benefits
  3. Formulating staff training and development policies
  4. Co-ordinating staff training and development activities
  5. Co-ordinating staff appraisal
  6. Salaries administration
  7. Handling resignation and promotion
  8. Keeping and managing staff statistics
  9. Proposing and reviewing personnel policies and procedures
  10. Planning allocation of human resource
  11. Issuing certificates of service, testimonials and references
  12. Keeping registers of the following:
    • Contract renewal
    • Promotion
    • Leave and retirement
    • Dismissal and resignation
    • Salary scale and career structure

Name of Staff Position Title Phone No. E-mail
Ms Kat LEUNG Vice-President (Administration) and Institute Secretary 3653 6690
Ms Christina WU Senior Administrative Officer 3653 6662
Ms Niki CHAN Administrative Officer 3653 6692
Ms Elizabeth CHUNG Administrative Officer 3653 6679
Ms Annie HUI Administrative Officer 3653 6683
Ms Carrie YIP Administrative Officer 3653 6730
Ms Yannie WONG Administrative Officer 3653 6737
Ms Seki WONG Clerk I 3653 6682


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