Bilingual Studies Programme Structures


Year 1
Core Course Language and GE Course
Bilingual Presentation Skills Academic Reading & Writing I
Fundamentals of Linguistics Critical Thinking
Introduction to Chinese Literature Ethics & Moral Issues
Introduction to Western Philosophy Integrated Seminar and Community Involvement
Language & Culture Numerical & IT Literacy
  Practical Chinese
  GE Elective


Year 2
Core Course Language and GE Course
Bilingual Communication Academic Reading & Writing II
Hong Kong Culture & Society Individual & Society
Introduction to Chinese Philosophy Putonghua I
Introduction to English Literature GE Elective
Phonetics & Phonology  
Styles & Genres  


Year 3
Core Course Language and GE Course
Research Methodology Putonghua II
Core Elective GE Elective
Core Elective  
Stream Course
Fundamentals of Bilingual Studies Modern Chinese
Contrastive Analysis of Chinese & English Bilingual Parallel Text Drafting
Intercultural Communication Syntax & Semantics




Year 4
Core Course Language and GE Course
Catholicism in the Contemporary World Global Citizenship
Ethical Dilemmas in the Global Context  
Thesis Writing  
Core Elective  
Core Elective  
Stream Course
Advertising Copywriting Media in the Bilingual Context
Issues in Bilingualism Putonghua for Specific Purposes




List of Core Electives #
Comparative Study: Cantonese & Putonghua Persuasive Communication in China
Creative Writing in Chinese Philosophical Analysis
Cultural & Literary Texts Philosophy of Language
Hermeneutics Second Language Acquisition
Lexicography Sociolinguistics
Literature & the Cinema  Translation in Practice
Publishing Operations I Publishing Operations II
Problem-solving and Decision-making in the Workplace  



# The Institute reserves the right to make final decision on offering of elective courses.