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Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education
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The Programme aims at equipping the students with the ability to:

  • To command a broad-based theoretical grounding in child development and young children’s specific needs for curriculum development in early childhood education;

  • To acquire a holistic understanding of child development as a result of going through an interdisciplinary training and being exposed to a wide range of teaching and learning approaches and strategies;

  • To thoroughly appreciate and be able to take stock of the professional and ethical roles as early childhood educators in the cultural, social, political and economic contexts of Hong Kong;

  • To acquire competence in curriculum planning, implementation, management and reflective practice;

  • To command expertise in practical skills and professional knowledge in education and care of children 2-6 years of age;

  • To acquire proficiency and competence in generic skills including communication skills in English and Chinese (and Putonghua) and academic as well as numeracy competencies; and

  • To attain maturity and capability professionally and academically for advancement in the workplace and/or to pursue an undergraduate programme in their continuing professional development.

Learning Outcomes


On completion of the Programme students will be able to:

  • To identify children’s diverse needs to develop suitable strategies and approaches to work with them in the learning process;

  • To synthesize child development theories as a theoretical framework to inform teaching practice;

  • To reflect on and assume the professional roles and responsibilities of early childhood educators and their commitment to professionalism, ethics and reflective practice;

  • To collaborate with children’s parents and families, and other stakeholders, in a team work spirit to work out strategies and methods for achieving children’s holistic development;

  • To analyse the cultural, social, political and economic factors in Hong Kong that govern the development of early childhood education;

  • To apply learning theories and approaches in early childhood education, employing Information Communication Technology (ICT) and other useful tools, to plan, implement and evaluate early childhood curricula and programmes that are safe and developmentally appropriate to children of 2-6 years of age in Hong Kong; and

  • To apply generic skills and the awareness of local and international issues for functioning optimally in the profession and/or in preparation for advancing to the degree level academically.

Professional Recognition


The programme is validated by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications, recognised by the Education Bureau, and approved by the Social Welfare Department (SWD).

Graduates are eligible to register as:
1. Qualified Kindergarten Teachers (QKT)
2. Child Care Workers (CCW)
3. Child Care Supervisors (CCS) 
4. Special Child Care Workers (SCCW)

QR Registration No.: 18/000549/L4
Registration Validity Period: 01/09/2018 to 31/08/2021
QF Level: 4



Over 50 kindergartens, all of which are operated by well-established organisations, will provide internship opportunities to students.

Education and Career Pathways


Students who have completed the programme are eligible for :

  • working as kindergarten and child care centre teachers and other related posts in early childhood education; and

  • enrolling on a degree programme in early childhood education offered by the local universities and tertiary institutes.

Tuition fee


The tuition fees for the 2019-20 intake of the 2-year Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education are as follows:

  Local Student
Year 1  $57,550
Year 2 $58,900

Year 1
Core Courses Language and GE Courses
Play and Environment Design Chinese Communication
Fostering Children’s Physical Development and Health Use of English
Fostering Children’s Cognitive and Language Development Practical Putonghua 
Creativity and Aesthetic Development: Music and Movement Social Ethics
Creativity and Aesthetic Development: Visual Arts  
Fostering Children’s Social-Emotional and Moral Development  
Observing and Assessing Young Children  
Child Development
Introduction to Early Child Education and Care
Early Childhood Education: Current Theories and Approaches  
Practicum I  


Year 2
Core Courses Language and GE Courses
Early Childhood Mathematics Effective English Communication
Nature and Living Numerical and Information Technology Literacy
Children with Diverse Needs GE Elective
Collaboration with Parents and Communities  
Working with Children with Special Educational Needs  
English as a Second Language in Early Childhood  
Management, Sustainable Development and Quality Assurance in Early Childhood Education  
Developing Integrated Curriculum in Early Childhood Education  
Curriculum Planning, Implementation and Evaluation  
Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Children  
Practicum II  
Elective Courses (ONE of Four courses from list shown below): 
Teaching Music to Young Children  
Putonghua for Young Children  
Drama and Story-telling as Pedagogy  
Social Environment for Children with Diverse Needs  



Year 1 Entry

  1. Have obtained Level 2 in five subjects (including Chinese Language and English Language) in the HKDSEE; OR
  2. Have graduated from the Yi Jin Diploma; OR
  3. Have completed a QF Level 3 programme that is approved by the Institute; OR
  4. Being a mature applicant aged 21 or above on 1 September of the year when admission is sought, with relevant working experience and academic background; OR
  5. Have obtained an equivalent qualification.