In answer to the ever-growing demand for professionals in the health services sector, especially registered nurses' service in public hospitals, elderly homes, community medical and rehabilitation centres, the School of Health Sciences was established in 2010.

Currently the Bachelor of Nursing Programme offered under the School has been solicited under the Government's Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions (SSSDP), students have to apply through JUPAS and will receive a subsidy of $74,600 on annual tuition fees, paying the net fees of $36,860  for the 2020/2021 year.

The Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) Programme is a part-time top-up programme for working in the healthcare field and seeking to be promoted to frontline management.
In order to prepare competent students who will provide quality patient care and services with love and contributions to the community, the School had invested heavily in providing the best teaching facilities in Hong Kong, which include the following areas:

First training school in Hong Kong to have an Infection Control Training room, which modelled after the hospital setup during SARS.

Only school to provide the Ceiling-Mounted Patient Handling System which ensures the hygiene of patients under rehabilitation will be well taken care of.

Only school that has the largest number (16) of Hi-tech Patient Simulator ($1M HKD each), which can simulate different patient's situations, to give students the closest possible to real life experiences of patient's physiological reactions.

In addition to the High-Tech Patient Simulator, our school also provides children and pregnant women simulators that students can learn first-hand on child care and the whole child birth process.

The School has a mandate to equip students with the updated knowledge, competent practice and skills, to help students to develop an appropriate value system for professional careers in medical and health services, and to strive for academic excellence in teaching and learning. The School is committed to providing students with a holistic education by offering a spectrum of health science-related programmes to stimulate students' intellectual growth as well as personal development through formal and informal learning experiences.

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