Name LAM Ching Man
Title Professor
Address Rm 902
Telephone 3702 4547
School Felizberta Lo Padilla Tong School of Social Sciences


Ching Man LAMis the Professor at Felizberta Lo Padilla Tong School of Social Sciences, Caritas Institute of Higher Education. She retired from the position of Professor and Vice-chairperson at the Department of Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong in July 2020 and now is the Adjunct Professor at CUHK. She is the President of Hong Kong Social Workers Association and President of Hong Kong Association of Schools of Social Work and is representing the Associations to serve on International Federation of Social Work (IFSW) and International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW). She is also Chair/member of numerous Accreditation bodies (e.g. Subject Specialist of Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualification CAAVQ, chair of the Accreditation and Credentialing Committee of Hong Kong Academy of Social Workand was Convener for the Committee on Qualification Assessment and Registration of Hong Kong Social Workers Registration Board)She actively involves in community services, currently is the Chairperson of Management Committee at the Boys and Girls Clubs Association and several significant social service agencies (e.g. Harmony HouseSAHK), member of government advisory committees (was member of Lotteries Fund Advisory CommitteeWomen Commission, Social Work Training Fund etc.), and is the Board of Directors of two schools.  


PhD in Social Work, Wilfred Laurier University, Canada 
Master of Social Work, McGill University, Canada 
Bachelor of Social Science (Social Work), The Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Registered Social Worker 
Honorary Fellow, Hong Kong Academy of Social Work 
Medal of Honor 2015, Hong Kong SAR 
Associate Fellow, Certified Counsellor and Approved Counselling supervisor, The Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association 


Course taught: 


Research interests include marriage and family, parenting and parent education, social work education, migrant women and women issues, clinical practice, and adolescence and family studies.  

A total of 50 research projects of which 27 are in the capacity of principal investigator, with a total of HK$130,925,047 of research grants received, and HK$95,268,919 are in the capacity of PI or Co-PI. 

Editorial Board member of 5 academic Journals, Guest Editor for a thematic issue of Open Family Studies Journal (July 2015), Action Editor of Social Indicators Research (2009)  

Reviewer for General Research Grant (GRF), Public Policy Research (PPR)RGC's Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) and several prestige Journals 

Selected Research projects in Capacity of Principal-Investigator 
  1. Research study to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of an emotion education group curriculum for Hong Kong Parents. Nov 1, 2018 – Nov 30, 2021 (Co-PI: Joanne Leung K. T, Co-I: Ching-wen Chang). TWGHs Parent Academy, HK$499,189. 
  2. Blended approach for social work learning: A reflection-based and user-oriented pedagogical model. July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020 (CIs: Chan C. H., Chang C.W., Wong Y.C., Chan C.T., Lai W.L., Wong S. K., Yam, K., Wong C.W., Chan T.M., Cho Y. N., Leung S. K., Ng S.M., Chow, O.W., Tam, H.L.). University Grant Council, Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals in the 2016-19 Triennium. HK$5,260,000. 
  3. Raising children in Hong Kong: A mixed method study of generational shifts in parental beliefs and practices. Jan 1, 2015- June 2018. (CIs: Kwong, W. M., To, S. M., Yuen, F.L. H., Shek, D. T. L.). University Grant council: HK$1,252,656. 
  4. A Collaborative Forum for the Enhancement of Social Work Practicum Education in Hong Kong. July 1, 2014 – May 31, 2016(PI: Kwok, S., Co-PI: Chui, E. W. T., Lam, C. M.) University Grant Council, Collaborative Forums (2012-15 triennium): HK$1,000,000. 
  5. "Reflective-action learning in the Social Work Undergraduate Program" (Dec 2012- June 2016 (Co-I: To, S. M., Chan, C. H. Lo Ng M. K. and Tse K. Y.) Funded by Teaching Development Grants (TDGs), UGC, HK$250,000. 

Selected Publications 

A total of 264 publications, including 1 single authored refereed book, 77 refereed articles, 27 refereed book chapters, 90 conference papers/presentations (14 keynote addresses and 13 invited presentation), 16 research reports and 30 curriculum and training manuals. 

10 Selected Publications 
  1. Xia, L. & Lam, C. M. (2020). Where is home? The lived experiences of children after parental incarceration in China. Journal of Social Work Practice, 34 (2) 191-203, (SSCI 5yr Impact Factor 0.828) 
  2. Leung, V. W. Y.., Lam, C. M. & Liang, Y. (2019). Parents' expectations of familial elder care under the neoliberal Hong Kong society. Journal of Family Issues, online version on Sept 27, 2019 (SSCI impact factor 1.489) 
  3. Lam, C.M., Kwong, W. M. & To, S. M. (2019). Has parenting changed over past decade? A qualitative study of generational shifts in parenting. International Journal of Social Science and Humanity, 9 (2), 42-47. DOI:10.18178/ijssh.2019.9.2.988 
  4. Lam, C. M., To, S. M. & Kwong, W. M. (2018). Development and Validation of a Questionnaire on Chinese Parents' Beliefs in Parental Roles and Responsibilities, Applied Research in Quality of Life, online version on Dec 15, 2018 (SSCI 5yr impact factor 1.784) 
  5. Lam, C. M., To, S. M. & Chan, W. C. H. (2018). Learning pattern of social work students: A longitudinal study. Social Work Education, 37 (1), 49-65 (online version on Aug 21, 2017). 
  6. Lam, C. M., Yan, M. C., & Liang, Y. (2016). Continuing education for the Emerging Social Work Profession in China: Exploring the Experiment in Shenzhen, Journal of Teaching in Social Work 26 (4) 390-406, published online on July 28, 2016.  DOI:10.1080/08841233.2016.1205165  
  7. Lam, C. M. & Chan, S. C. Y. (2015). Validation of the Chinese version of Differentiation of Self Inventory (C-DSI), Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 41 (1), 86-101DOI:10.1111/jmft.12031 (SSCI impact factor 2.048 
  8. Lam, C.M. & Kwong, W.M. (2014). Powerful parent educators and powerless parents: the "empowerment paradox" in parent education. Journal of Social Work, 14 (2), 183-195Originally published online March 4, 2013 DOI: 10.1177/1468017313477779 (SSCI impact factor 1.233 
  9. Lam, C.M. & Kwong, W. M. (2012). The 'paradox of empowerment' in parent education: A reflexive examination of parents' pedagogical expectation. Family relations, 61 (1), 65-74. DOI: 10,1111/j.1741-3729.2011.00685 (SSCI 5yr Impact factor 1.612).  
  10. Lam, C. M. (2007). Not grown up forever: A Chinese construction of adolescent development. NY: Nova Sciences Publishers, Inc.