The Fundraising Office is established for raising funds and developing resources to support the Institute's advancement.  Its major roles are:


To recognise contributions from the Institute's supporters, the Fundraising Office has instituted and put in place a variety of acknowledgement facilities, including Saint Francis Thanksgiving Tree, Saint Francis Signature Walls, Feature Hallways, Feature Walls and Saint Francis Fundraising Promenade, in addition to the existing acknowledgement opportunities on campus facilities.  Detailed information is displayed in the Information Kiosks on Level One of CIHE campus.


Aligning with CIHE's advancement direction, the Fundraising Office strives to solicit funding, donation and resources support for the Institute to meet its challenges towards the establishment of Saint Francis University.


Please contact us directly or visit our donation website  for making your generous donations to CIHE.


For General Enquiries

Tel.      : 3653 6670

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