Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) New Campus

The new university-standard campus, comprising a 9-storey academic and administration building with a cluster of lecture halls and seminar facilities, presents an exciting vision for a Catholic university. The new campus features a green and synergetic design integrating with the existing Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC) campus. Free flowing passages have been created between the two campuses; and landscaped piazza and roof gardens has been built providing ample open space. Environmental friendly designs efficiently regulate the use of water, air and electricity at the campus. Water preservation equipment, air quality enhancement devices, energy-efficient light fittings, LED-type exit signs and landscaping lighting, renewable energy devices, are amongst the many proposed design elements. In essence, the green design will integrate nature into the daily lives of the Institute's community.

The new campus features the following major facilities:

The new campus has inaugurated a new era in the pursuit of excellence towards the delivery of quality education services and our commitment to becoming a caring community education leader. The new CIHE Campus, coupled with the existing CBCC Campus, will provide superior education opportunities for the community at large and eventually become the Saint Francis University.