Feature Walls

Decorated with porcelain paintings and/or canvas paintings, the Feature Walls are set up on different Levels of the CBCC and CIHE Building.  Each Feature Wall is imaged with a special theme.  Acknowledgement opportunities for various tiers of donation are available for donors' choice.

Religious Series

CIHE 4/F      Mother of Good Counsel (MAJOR)

CBCC 4/F      Library Mother of Good Counsel

CBCC 9/F      Religious Series: Via Dolorosa Stations (14 Stations of the Cross)

CBCC 9/F      Religious Series: Our Lady Mother Mary

CBCC 9/F      Religious Series: The Patron Saints

CBCC 9/F      Religious Series: Jesus Christ

CIHE 7/F      Religious Series: The Patron Saints

CBCC 9/F Rm 930      Religious Series: The Last Supper

Love Series

CIHE 6/F      Love Series: Cat Family

CIHE 6/F      Love Series: Cat & Fish Bone

CIHE 6/F      Love Series: Cat Portraits

CIHE 6/F      Love Series: Cat Companion

Harmony Series

CIHE 8/F      Harmony Series: Comfort

CIHE 7/F      Harmony Series: Ready to Fly

CIHE 5/F      Harmony Series: Scenery

CIHE 5/F      Harmony Series: Scenery - The Charm of Water

CIHE 5/F  (next to A501)      Harmony Series: Scenery - Country-side Feel

CIHE 4/F      Library Cross-Cultural Connections