Caritas Institution of Higher Education (CIHE) works closely side by side with Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC) striving to become the Saint Francis University. The two-college system provides diploma, higher diploma and degree programmes for students to acquire professional training and higher education qualifications. It fills the gap of the current one-track education, giving a hope of upward mobility to the younger generation.

Having been awarding degrees since 2011 for over a dozen of academic programmes, such as Nursing, Social Work, Bilingual Studies, Hotel Management, Accountancy, Corporate Management, and Digital Entertainment, CIHE aspires to be a well-respected and internationally recognized institution.

CIHE, formerly Caritas Francis Hsu College, and CBCC enjoy a long tradition as caring institutions, being established in 1985 and 1971 respectively. Our mission is to produce graduates who are not only academically and professionally well-educated but who can also contribute to the social and moral well-being of the community.  

CIHE’s holistic education encourages young people to look at issue from different points of view, impart positive life values and the can-do spirit for personal development, pursue excellence through unceasing self-improvement, and for winning at the finish line. Our motto is Ad Destinatum Prosequor (自強不息).