General Enquiries

How do I get to CIHE/CBCC Campus?
    We are located at 2 Chui Ling Lane, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories. By 5-minute walk from exit B of Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station via Metro Town Shopping Arcade to the Campus.

For details, please click here.

How can I get more information for Admission & Programmes Offered by CIHE/CBCC?
You may also contact Registry at 3702 4388 during office hours from Monday to Friday (9am – 7pm)  or email us at

Am I considered as non-local applicant?

Only Non-local applicants are required to present the following identification documents issued by Hong Kong Immigration Department to continue the application process.

Application Preparation & Procedure

What documents do I need to upload to the Online Application System?

Please refer to  Admission Interview session for more details.

If documents provided are without the name of the applicant or with non-matching name, please provide valid document proof for special case (e.g. change of name deed).

How to settle the Application fee?
                            The payment method(s) would be stated at the back of the Payment Advice.
Please refer to the Application fee session for more details

Local applicants
     Non-local applicants

                            *The application fee paid are neither refundable nor transferable.

Admission Requirements & Programme Choices

Modification of programme choices after submitting application form via Online Application System?
        Modification of programme choices will be allowed until the application deadline (subject to decision by individual programme) via the Registry. Your request for changes will not be considered afterwards.

You may also contact Registry at 3702 4388 during office hours from Monday to Friday (9am – 7pm)  or email us at for further communication.

Can I change the programme in case I have been allocated to the non-first priority preference in JUPAS?

If you are not willing to be enrolled in the allocated programme by JUPAS, you may consider applying to other non-JUPAS programmes offered by CIHE/CBCC through our Online Application System.

Can I submit application for SSSDP Undergraduate Programmes by JUPAS & direct admission for unfilled place at the same time?

JUPAS applicants can secure a subsidised SSSDP place only via JUPAS but not any other channels. However, you may consider apply for admission to other programmes not registered under JUPAS.

What should I do if I want to apply for the SSSDP Undergraduate Programmes?

Local HKDSE applicants who seek admission to the subsidised places (SSSDP) should apply via JUPAS (JUPAS course code: JSSA01, JSSA02, JSSA03, JSSA04, JSSA05).

Non-JUPAS applicants should apply directly to the Institute for the SSSDP unfilled Year 1 entry places.

What SSSDP programmes do CIHE/CBCC offer?

Please refer to SSSDP Programmes for more details.

Interview Arrangement

When will the interview be held?

It depends on the School/ Department's practices. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an admission interview.

Is there any walk-in application?
Applicants can do walk-in applications.

Nonetheless, the interview arrangement will depend on School/Department's practices. The interview invitation details will be sent to applicants by email.

Will I get the result right after the interview?

It depends on the School/ Department's practices.

In light of COVID-19, will the CIHE/CBCC arrange online interviews?

The mode of interviews may vary from Schools/ Departments. We will update you on the interview details via email in due course.

Receiving Conditional Offer

When will I receive a Conditional Offer?

It depends on the School/ Department's practices. The Conditional Offer letter will be conveyed to the shortlisted applicant by email. For details, please contact the Registry.

If I received a Conditional Offer from a non-first priority choice, will it affect the School/ Department's decision regarding my first preferred programme?

No. It will NOT affect the School/ Department's decision regard of your first programme choice.

Is there any remedy if I lost my Conditional Offer (CO) letter?

You can still claim the Offer via our Online Application System even if the letter was lost.

Claiming Offer

How to claim the Offer online?

Four easy steps for claiming the Offer: 

1. After Log-in, click the "Claim Conditional Offer" button.

2. Select the programme that you wish to claim the Conditional Offer.

3. Upload the supporting documents as stated on the Conditional Offer letter.

4. Press the "Submit" button when you completed uploading the documents.

What documents are required for claiming the Offer?

Please submit the required documents stated on the Conditional Offer letter and your identity verification document(s).

Do I need to visit CIHE/CBCC in person to claim the Offer?

You can claim the Offer via our Online Application System.

When is the deadline for claiming the Offer?

The quota of each programme is limited, and they are being offered on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Therefore, we recommend applicants claiming their offers as soon as possible.

Can I claim the Offer if I missed the deadline?

Please contact the Registry in case you have missed the claim offer period.

Is there any document that requires me to submit to the CIHE/CBCC in person after claiming the Offer online?

You only need to claim the Offer and submit the required documents via our Online Application System. Registry shall issue the formal offer letter to you via email later.

Can I make the enrolment deposit even if I missed the deadline?

Please contact the Registry immediately in case you have missed the payment due date.

Financial Subsidy

Am I eligible to apply for financial assistance from the government?

Please refer to Financial Assistance/Bursaries for more information.

Online Application System

What file format are supported and the maximum file size for attachements?

We accept the following formats: pdf, jpg, png, doc, docx.

The maximum size of a single file is 10MB. The maximum size of the total files is 50MB.

What can I do if I cannot confirm attending the interview/ uploading documents via Online Application System?

Please try to log-out and then log-in again.

If you are still unable to do so, please email the required documents to

What can I do if I cannot claim the Offer online? 

Please contact Registry at 3702 4388 during office hours from Monday to Friday (9am – 7pm) or email us at  for further assistance. 

Why do I get an error message stating "You cannot submit duplicate applications" while I submit the application form online?

If you have already applied for our programmes via other channels, you may not be able to make another new application via the Online Application System.

What should I do when I get an error message stating "Upload attachments error. Please remove attachments and submit. After submission, you can log in and then upload attachments" after submitting the application online?

Please retry on another browser (e.g. Chrome). If the error message remains on Chrome, please remove the attached files and submit the application form again.

If an error message popped out that stated "Unexpected error occurred" when I use Safari, what should I do?

Please use another browser (e.g. Chrome) to retry. If the error still processes on Chrome, please use a desktop PC instead.