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The Finance and Estates Office (the Office) is an administrative unit responsible for handling financial, business and estates management matters of the Institute. It is also responsible for providing general office services to the academic units and other administrative units.

The mission of the Office is to develop, maintain and provide the best possible services and physical environment for The Institute's staff and students to support its various activities, including teaching, learning and research, by effectively using available resources.







We are happy to:

  • answer all enquiries and complaints politely;
  • handle all requests promptly and efficiently; and
  • assist all clients to the best of our ability and in a pleasant manner.








The functions of the Office are as follows:

  • Budgeting and financial planning;
  • Financial accounting;
  • Purchasing;
  • Fixed asset management;
  • Stock keeping;
  • Insurance;
  • Photocopying service;
  • Telephone operation;
  • Messenger service;
  • Management of facilities;
  • Providing logistical support for various functions and ceremonies;
  • Cleaning service;
  • Repairs and Maintenance;
  • Co-ordination of renovation works, including alterations, additions and improvement works; and
  • Management of capital projects.
Mr Manhoe Chan, Vice-President (Resources and Finance)
 tel 3653 6689
 fax 3653 6798
 email mchan@cihe.edu.hk
Ms Ewan Yu, Office Supervisor
 tel 3653 6628
 fax 3653 6798
 email eyu@cihe.edu.hk


Ms Lily Chan, Administrative Officer
 tel 3653 6673
 fax 3653 6798
 email mlchan@cihe.edu.hk
Mr Bill Li, Administrative Officer 
 tel 3653 6674
 fax 3653 6798
 email bli@cihe.edu.hk
Ms Iris Tsang, Administrative Officer
tel 3653 6726
fax 3653 6798
email itsang@cihe.edu.hk
Mr Lok Wong, Administrative Officer
tel 3653 6676
fax 3653 6798
email lywong@cihe.edu.hk
 Ms Candy Li, Senior Clerk 
 tel 3653 6675
 fax 3653 6798
 email cli@cihe.edu.hk
Ms Shirley Chau, Clerk I
 tel 3653 6713
 fax 3653 6798
 email schau@cihe.edu.hk 
Ms Esther Leung, Clerk I
 tel 3653 6714
 fax 3653 6798
 email eleung@cihe.edu.hk
Mr Herman Lau, Clerk II
tel 3653 6627
fax 3653 6798
email kchui@cihe.edu.hk