Caritas Francis Hsu College was founded on both professional and altruistic principles. The mission of the Institute is to produce responsible and respectable graduates who are academically and professionally well educated and can fulfill the role of making contributions to the social and moral well-being of the community. Based on our belief in and esteem for the value of the human person, the Institute is committed to providing study programmes for those who might have less opportunity of pursuing post secondary education as well as those who wish to continue their personal and professional development at any stage of their lives.

With the confirmation by the HKCAAVQ on our fulfilment of the pre-condition stipulated for the Institutional Review of Caritas Francis Hsu College (CFHC) for degree-granting status, and the subsequent confirmation by the Education Bureau on the approval of CFHC's change of name to Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE).

Eventually, CIHE will migrate away from sub-degree programmes (QF level 4) and concentrate on degree and post-graduate degree programmes (QF levels 5-7).