Message from the President

As the new President of Caritas Institute of Higher Education and Caritas Bianchi College of Careers, I would first like to wish all my students and colleagues a joyful Year of the Rooster. It feels good to see everyone returning after the Chinese New Year to resume classes in Semester 2, livening up the campus!

I joined CIHE and CBCC on 1 February 2017, and I had the opportunity to use the time before the resumption of classes to visit the new campus. There are the mega-theatres, the grand library, the conference rooms, the learning common, the 24-hour study area, you name it. All the new campus needs now is the finishing touch, and we can move in within weeks. This is definitely going to be a major step forward on our journey towards St. Francis University. It will also be a beautiful chapter in our Institute’s history, strengthening our everlasting bond with the Diocese and the Catholic Community, whose support makes this new campus possible. Besides the better hardware we will enjoy, turning this new page will also see enhancement of academic and professional standards, students’ personal quality, values and culture on campus, as well as communication and integration.

I was able to spend my first month here meeting lecturers and other staff members, both old and new. The impressive expertise of existing staff and the new scopes of academic activities brought by ‘new blood’ are our integral assets to the future St. Francis University.

I’m not forgetting the students of course. I hope every student enjoy each other’s support in our Institute. Friends made now may well be your best friends for life. I hope students will get to make friends with at least some of the lecturers such that strong relationships will become one of the strengths of the future St. Francis University. Size is our advantage - building personal ties is much harder in a larger establishment elsewhere.

Through you, my dear students, I am also greeting your families - for whose support in your education I have huge respect.

I have also been greeting our external stakeholders and supporters, including the EDB, the RGC, and our generous donors. Everyone agrees that our Institute has a unique role and is well placed in building the mind, heart and spirit of our future generations.

There is no force more powerful than that released from young minds. It is considered a privilege simply to be with young people as they make sense of uncertainties and, what is more, to be part of their education as they face this challenging world of changing technology, communication and social structure.

All in all, I look forward to meeting and listening to each and every one of you. And I look forward to building better connections with parents, schools, donors and employers, striving forward unceasingly in the process.

Last but certainly not least, I thank Dr Dennis Law for his excellent work as Acting President and his outstanding leadership in accreditation over recent years. My gratitude also goes to all the Vice-Presidents for their support in my orientation.

St. Francis University is to be born from the heart of the church. I will work with everyone towards this goal of no ordinary education.